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-our new baby in 2006-
Monday. 1.2.06 10:01 pm
the creation of our new baby bloggie 2006: Click Here!

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the finale of 2005
Thursday. 12.29.05 7.50pm
-eating and blogging- hehe.

tis will be my last entry for 2005, i tink? =p its already de 29th of de last month! geez. in such a happy mood, cos i wan 2006 to arrive, and before u knew it, its 2007. hehe. day dreaming again. =p

many years, i make resolutions for the (fun?) of it? lol. i was taught by my parents tt new yr muz make new resolutions. usually, i dun tink thru v detailedly and jus suka suka write some down lor. 2006, i hope to make serious resolutions. hehe.

de arrival of 2006, also means im reaching 21! *grin* adult liao ok! hehe. adult means independent = no dependence on parents. heh. last time in primary sch, i often get excited wen de new yr comes. wenever we hav to write composition, or jus use de school paper, there's always a line left for us to write de date yea? the day, and month always change, but de yr? no~ so wen de new yr arrives, i get happy wen i can change de number from 95 to 96. lol. weird hur? muahaha. so fast, its already 10 yrs ar!

year 2005 hav been a yr full of ups and downs. be it good or bad, it has made an impact on my life, and i've learnt thru all failures i encountered. it is a yr where i witnessed so many marriages (in my family) and babies too! gee. seems like a gd yr hur?

2005- the year i stepped out to de working society.
- the year where i wen to Hong Kong wif my boy

last wk i was at my boy's hse, flipping thru our photo albums. read the card that my parents gave me for birthday again, and it made me smiled. in my heart, i told myself "dad and mum, i've found my soulmate. the one tt completes my life".
im thankful for having such gr8 parents n family, for bringing me up for going 21 yrs! yea, there r many times which i get so piss wif dem, for their unfairness n biasness, but deep down, they're still my parents, and i love dem. =) i wont be here, wifout them! :p

thankful for also having made frens in the workin society, and keepin in contact wif de pigs. hehe. wifout their support, i wun be here too =p

not forgetting my boy, who's been tolerating all my nonsense + temper. i wanna say a big thank u, for coming into my life and complete it like one jigsaw puzzle. complete liao means cannot go away hor. hehe. *smiles* i hope there's more happiness to come :p

thought thru some goals i wld like to make for 2006.

i tink my main concern now wld b my exams. =( judging fr de way i organize n prioritize my time, i tink im really bad at it. :( 2006, will hav to study v hard for my exams n not giv myself too much stress :/

i also hope to be able to get 2 tickets for my parents to go for a holiday! heh. mummy has always been wanting to go Korea (after all de korean show tt psycho her lor). Last August, she planned to go, but it was cancelled cos of some operation to be done. hopefully, 06 wun hav such situations! if i cant sponsor them 2 tickets, hopefully get at least 1 ba :p means they only hav to pay for one person rite? hehe, half price wor *grin*

after my boy commission, we're planning on another trip. hehe. his mummy has been askin us to go Japan (to see snow), but things there r pretty expensive, go there cant buy much de, unless u jus wanna sightsee, which im ok wif it. but he's not ok wif it. hehe. he says he wanna be able to buy stuff back. =p ok den. so we settled on Taiwan. heh. and im pretty excited bout it. eheh. stil bout 6 more months b4 dear commissions, so still saving up *grin*

well, tml is Friday (like finally?) hehe. will be going out for department lunch as big bosss is giving a treat. hope de whole envt wun be so 'cold'. hehe. praying for a half-day to be given also. im so greedy =p

not much plans for de wkend yet. tinkin of going to the Esplanade for fireworks! hehe. not tt i haven seen b4 la, but different feelin, different occasion ma =p geez. prolly havin dinner wif dear's parents at nite. his mum suggested Sakura buffet :p i've not been threre! suaku me! hehe.

havin de exams syndrome liao. its worse than in poly. *dead* im so scared i'll fail, yet im not studying. argh~ next 2-3 wks will past quite fast i tink? my boy wld b overseas, and i'll be conquering 2 major exams. gosh~ by the time he gets back, its in time for his birthday =p hope nothin crops up :/

alrite, have a prosperous 2006 ahead! may all ya well wishes come true! *smiles*

-time to study-

P.S. i tink i'll get a new blog for the new year. hehe.

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merry xmas!!
Sunday. 12.25.05 9.06pm
wishing everyone a Merry Merry Christmas! Hohoho.. geez =p

Christmas is a season ive always looked forward to. it just lightens up all mood and make me happier. hee :p

amidst all my busy-ness, im back to update (pictures only, lol). took leave on 22nd & 23rd as my boy is on block leave. he had his Officer Cadet School Dinner on Thurs @ Raffles Marina. it was to signify their graduation for de 3 months? since dey wld get posted out to different units le, hmm, a day for joy, also a day to see them part. so my crazy boy wen rd taking pictures nvr-ending! for tt day, he was so enthusiastic to tk photos, lol.

cant possibly put all here, cos there's reali a lot, so i've collaged it:

some group photos wif dear's frens, sitting at our table (21) waiting for food to be served, hee =p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

kelvin & gf, the gals @ the table, & dear's good platoon mates =) so brotherly, hehe
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

presenting Santa Claus & Pink Panther! hehe, we bought de hats from Watson and brought it to tis function. dun de picutre look nicer wif de hats? hehe. *smiles*
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

havin fun throughout de nite! de gals n guys taking photos, hehe. my boy looks so cute wif de Santa hat *grin* :p
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

a wonderful nite for all, esp de guys. gd things always hav to come to an end, but memories will stay in the heart =)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Xmas eve, i tried attempting my 2nd rd of egg tarts. a little better tis time, but still not purrfect. *sadded* i hav no patience :/

we headed to Tanglin Mall .. for snow! hehe. thx dear for bringing me there. we took public transport tt day to avoid jams =p our legs were so tired from all de walkin after tt *grin* at nite's bbq was successful! hehe. fire started well, and de food was cooked & marinated deliciously! hehe..

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it was nice to see so many kids enjoying themselves in the snow. being a child is de best =) lesser problems and worries hur?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Mr Snowman is so cute! hehe. i took a pic of my parents in couple shirt too! hehe. got them a couple tee for xmas :p dun dey look lovely? *smiles* my mum complain tt it makes her look fat tho =(
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

gave my boy a small wallet cum card holder for xmas - he requested for it. lol. at least he likes it =) all accessories worn for de dinner was sponsored by my boy, geez :p he got it for my xmas prezzie *grin* thk u hunny.

my parents gave me a clover necklace for xmas too. hope it brings me luck, hehe =)
received Esprit gift vouchers fr my cuzzie too. hehe, their words r so cute! time flies really fast. back den, i was playin wif dem wen dey were like 5, 6 yrs old? den taught dem a little bit of piano wen dey were 7? aid dem in their Chinese wen dey were 8? den now.. they're already like 14 nex yr? WAH. meaning im getting older also =p

din exactly go anywhere on Xmas Day. quite sad actually =( spent my day studying. *frown* my boy is not feelin well, so plans were cancelled *sob*

i cant expect much. de more i expect, de more disappointed i get :p i'm tryin to be happy wif wad i hav. =) tryin to study as much into my head now. sigh, stress.

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Sunday. 12.25.05 1:36 am
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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Wednesday. 12.21.05 10.45pm
my boy complained tt i haven blog for a long time..lol. si meh? a bit longer than usual la. not say my life very happening to hav so much to write also.lol.

been feelin damn lethargic these days. till i dun feel like doin anythg, and dun feel like tokin to anyone. =( *mood swings* studying is taking a toll on my health. not enuf slp, not enuf rest = moody jac. haha~ during lessons, i barely can absorb after 1 hr. i feel so sleepy n worn out after work. =(

i hav one project hanging on. how how. and 2 exams coming along. in less than a mth! *faint* i hav no mojo... *cries* im scared. what if i cant make it for de exam? *sob*

last wkend, i tried... cooking egg tarts! lol..
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it was a demoralised day, cos my parents not supportive at all! hmph~ my mum kp saying "u tink its so easy to do ah..?" sad sad. i noe not easy, but at least try mah. hehe, so happy wif de result cos it turn out quite good. =) *smiles*

cooked beef bolognese for my boy too.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i tink it wasnt tt nice, hee.

we watched "The Promise" @ Marina Square in de evening. after which, had a late dinner @ the airport's Fish & Co! heh. *yum yum*

some fotos we took:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Xmas is coming in just a few days time. not much of plans tho. hmm. exams nearing, kinda worried, yet i still wanna enjoy myself. =( i hav no motivation! *cries*

After 13 weeks of (hell) treatment, my boy just got to noe his new posting. =) he'll be going to a new place. change is always constant. hope things will go well for him in de new envt. :) he'll also be going overseas next month. so sad. *cries* jiayou wor, 25 more weeks to go dear! *smiles* =) lurve ya.

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Sunday. 12.11.05 9.27PM
Be it extremely emotional, controversial, messed up, or whatever, this entry has been password protected.

If you know it, enter it; or, ask me for it.

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